LED Arm/Leg Bands

L.E.D. Arm/Leg Bands

Nite Beam's LED arm/leg bands are seen from traffic from 1/4 mile away. LED Arm/Leg bands are 1" wide and non-abrasive. All bands have a combination of velcro and elastic allowing for a range of arm/leg sizes from 9" to 23" in circumference. The battery housing holds two (2) CR-2032 standard watch batteries that are replaceable (approx. every 80 hours). To change the mode, simply press the button on the top of the battery housing; once for on, twice for the flashing mode and a third time to turn off. Available LED light colors: Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Red, Purple and White. 

We offer two (2) for the Special price of $40. We recommend wearing an armband on each arm or leg. This will give you visibility up to 1/2 mile, ( 1/4 mile N.S.E. and West). When wearing only 1, armband you are visible up to 1/4 mile on that side of your body. You never know which direction a car may come from and wearing 2 armbands doubles your visibility from all directions.

Sizing Chart:

S (Arm/Leg sizes 9" - 15")

M (Arm/Leg sizes 13" - 19")

L (Arm/Leg sizes 17" - 23")