L.E.D. Traffic Safety Products

L.E.D. Traffic Safety Products
  • If your vehicle ever becomes disabled, you will want our LED Triangle. 24 super bright L.E.D.’s powered by USB rechargeable battery pack makes this a must for all vehicles. Visible up to 1 mile in low light situations alerting motorists of problems ahead and allow emergency vehicles to notice you much earlier. 
  • Nite Beam's Emergency Directional Flashing Arrow is visible for up 1 mile and alerts motorists to go around you. It will never drain your car battery. The 28 super bright red L.E.D.’s are powered by (3) AA batteries. Strong magnets enclosed in the vinyl material protect your vehicle from any scratches and allows attachment to your vehicle. If you must leave your vehicle in the center median simply turn over to flash arrows in opposite direction. Size is 10” x 18” and rolls up for easy storage in glove box or trunk. 
Product IDProduct Name Price  
L.E.D Hard Hat Clip Light-Rechargeable
Hard Hat L.E.D Band
Hunter Green LED Light
Nite Beams Outdoorsman Green LED Light and Flashlight
Roadway Safety Light
Nite Beams Roadway Worker Safety Light
L.E.D. High-Visibility Body Alert Light and Flashlight
L.E.D High-Visibility Body Alert Light and Flashlight
Nite Beams LED Triangle & Case
Nite Beams Chevron Directional Arrow