L.E.D. Gloves

L.E.D. Gloves
Nite Beam's LED Running Gloves are a perfect fit for the cooler weather runs and the darker weather when visibility is a must. The gloves are high performance, light weight and extremely comfortable. Six super bright L.E.D.’s provide you with a much safer and enjoyable run in darker hours. The white L.E.D.’s also function as a built in flashlight. L.E.D. colors: bright white, fire red, hot pink. Sizes: M-L-XL

Nite Beam's LED Pro-Series Industrial Work Gloves are extremely comfortable and the reinforced padded areas assure you years of use. The (6) six super-bright LED's on each glove illuminate your work area providing hands-free lighting. The gloves are powered by rechargeable battery pack. The battery pack is light weight (weighs less than 1 oz) and a recharging cord comes included. Gloves can be worn in any weather conditions.

L.E.D Gloves Pink/Black X-Large
Nite Beams L.E.D. running gloves are the perfect fit for the cooler weather...