L.E.D Police Arm Band

LED Police Arm Band
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NITE BEAMS™ LED Police Arm bands are made of non-abrasive, lightweight, water resistant, washable black fabric secured with high quality Velcro™.  Two white center strips allow for maximum visibility of your alternating red and blue LED lights.  They are adjustable up to four inches and come in one size:  1.5"x19"

We recommend wearing an armband on each arm or leg. This will give you visibility up to 1/2 mile, ( 1/4 mile N, S, E and West.). When wearing only one armband you are visible up to 1/4 mile on that side of your body. You never know which direction a car may come from and wearing two armbands doubles your visibility from all directions.

Each LED band contains a battery pack containing replaceable CR-2032 batteries with an approximately 70-80 hours of use, and a control button. 

The LED safety lights provide  approximately 100,000 hours of use and can be seen from a distance of 1400 feet, or approximately ¼ mile and are clearly visible from all angles – front – side – back giving drivers ample reaction time.

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