L.E.D Arm/Leg Band Rechargeable

L.E.D Arm/Leg Band Rechargeable
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NITE BEAMS™ LED Arm bands and LED Leg bands are made of non-abrasive, lightweight, water resistant, washable black fabric secured with high quality Velcro™. A white center strip allows for maximum visibility of your choice of blue, pink, or green LED lights. They are adjustable up to four inches and come in three sizes: Small 1"x 13", Medium 1"x 15", Large 1"x 19". We recommend wearing an armband on each arm or leg. This will give you visibility up to 1/2 mile, ( 1/4 mile N, S, E and West.). When wearing only one arm-band you are visible up to 1/4 mile on that side of your body. You never know which direction a car may come from and wearing two armbands doubles your visibility from all directions. Each LED band contains a charging cable with an approximately 70-80 hours of use, and a control button. Press the button once for constant illumination, press again for flashing mode, press again to turn off. The LED safety lights provide approximately 100,000 hours of use and can be seen from a distance of 1400 feet, or approximately ¼ mile and are clearly visible from all angles – front – side – back giving drivers ample reaction time.

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